Friday, August 01, 2008

On My Way Home

If I NEVER see Paducah Kentucky again, it will be too soon for me.

I left Indianapolis this morning, and when I stopped for gas, it looked (on the map) as if I could take a secondary road south through Paducah, and fetch up with another interstate south of there. I was getting tired of the Interstate by then. Anyway, the map showed Illinois 45 going south through Paducah, so I hopped on it and took off.

I lost it somewhere in Paducah. I guess they ran out of money for signs. So I figured any highway that went south or west would be okay, right?

Not so much.

Everything that went south turned east, and everything that went west turned north. I wound up back in Illinois (and I never want to see that bridge again, either), and picked up Interstate 57 south, studiously avoiding anything labeled "Paducah."

So, tomorrow I'll be in Arkansas (sorry, Brendan), and home ASAP.

I think the storm in Philly killed my phone. The only place it will charge is in the car, and the charge lasts about an hour, and it beeps all the time.

I want my memory foam mattress.

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