Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Woo Hoo...Lisa's!

Here I am in beautiful Fishers, Indiana. It's a suburb of Indianapolis, and Lisa and Martin have lived here since April.

It's a nice area, and they have an 1100 sqare foot apartment for $800-and-change per month. She wants me to move here. With two bedrooms and two baths, life is sweet.

Probably too cold, but it sure is nice in the summer.

Lisa and Martin moved here from Michigan, where the economy is flagging. Lisa is blogging for the local newspaper. Here is a link to Blogging Fishers.


  1. Hey, Ronni. I'm sure Lisa is going to spoil you rotten.

    Hope you ladies have a great time!

  2. Good Lord, Ronni, here I was thinking that Lisa fell off the face of the earth, she hasn't posted in FOREVER!! Hope you're having a great trip.

  3. Hey Ronni! I've been following your trip and am SO glad to hear that Lisa is alive and well! We've missed her blog. Have a wonderful "rest of your trip" and be safe.

  4. I read at Lisa's and I use to read Martins, he use to write such lovely articles about Lisa and Mia, but I haven't seen updates from either of them. I checked Lisa's Fisherblog,her hair looks lovely longer, and it is great to see he doing that.

    Ok Back to you Ronni, where does your journey take you next?

    Keep safe, and enjoy.

    All the best

    Possumbear x