Friday, August 01, 2008

Lisa's New Dog

Remember Bennie, of the Soulful Eyes?

If you squint really hard and look just to his right, you'll see Luna. Mia calls her The World's Smallest Dog. Martin says she's twice as big as she was when they got her. She is, of course, a Pomeranian, and seriously et up with cute.


  1. How funny-I have a golden retriever--and I have to admit--her POOP is bigger than this very small dog

  2. That dog is so tiny. I want one.

    Have a safe journey home.

    All the best Possumbear

  3. Ronni, have been getting the message, Internet Explorer cannot

    open this site, operation aborted.

    I don't know if others are having this problem. Or it is my computer.

    I have been trying to get into your website, as you would be able to see by your sitemeter. I am not stalking you, ha ha.
    Just have been trying to work out my problem


  4. Possumbear, I got the same silly message from IE. Not sure what the problem is, I come here ALL the time! I logged on with Mozilla Firefox and had no trouble.

    That little dog is just adorable, but so is Bennie!

  5. My house is not that messy. Really.

    Great picture of Bennie and Luna Tuna!

    Great to see you!


  6. Messy? I didn't notice...

    I couldn't get in either, after posting those two entries. Must have been an Explorer issue.

    Lisa, did I mention it was lovely to see you all?

  7. It was an IE issue. You couldnt get into ANY blogger accounts last night with IE. Firefox to the rescue!

  8. omg that is one cute baby pup! I want one!

  9. Sebastian has met those dogs recently, and just now looking at the photo he called Benny "puppy" and Luna "frog." Cracks me up. He loves big dogs, (as long as they don't get too close) but little ones are just not on his radar!

  10. On first seeing her, I was not entirely sure that she was a real live dog. My first guess was some sort of Hi-tech toy, but she soon disabused me of that notion...