Monday, August 04, 2008

August Strangeness

I guess I've blown a breaker. Now why would the living room lights go out? The breaker I blew has the refrigerator and microwave on it. The living room ceiling fan is still on, but the four lights in the fixture went out. and they are all those coil type of bulbs that are supposed to last for ten years, or something.

The trunk won't open in the car, using the remote key. I can put the key in it, and it opens. It's not the remote, because neither of them works on the trunk. Doors; not a problem.

Lynn had auditions for "Romeo and Juliet" tonight. Most of the cast of "Shakespeare in Hollywood" showed up. It was nice to see them all again, even if I don't get cast.

The kids who read did very well. I am so pleased to see so many teens who can read Shakespeare. In past auditions, we have had so many who can't do a cold reading at all. I suspect these kids have been working on this. I was thrilled!

Brendan is out being a mall rat. It's allowed, once in a while.


The breaker is reset, but I think the main issue is that I need new plugs all over the kitchen, and a new switch for the living room ceiling fixture. The whole house probably needs to be rewired, but that will have to wait.

The trunk of the car was easy. I had the edge of a bag stuck in the lock.

I got cast, but as Romeo's mom, not Juliet's. Chandra got cast as one of his group of friends. This show is going to be fun!


  1. Possible short in fixture maybe?
    as to your trunk...Ill ask Eric if I remember he's a mechanic,but he's working nights right now so he isn't home. might be as simple as a fuse..or as complicated as a broken or shorted out wire.
    Thank goodness for manual key locks! lol
    Did you try out for a part in the play? if so good luck!
    And it's great to hear kids are reading the Shakespeare well!
    It's not an easy thing to do,have to give them a lot of credit!
    As to Brendan, A "mall rat" huh? that's too funny!
    so have you recovered from that long trip? I don't think I could do that much driving ...I like to travel..BUT I actually hate the driving to get there!
    Did you get to see the stories from the baby shower for the upcoming grandchild? I know you have been busy so I didn't know if you had or not,I did another cake,this time it was a little more fun then the car one!

  2. I haven't had time to catch up with everything I want to, yet. As soon as I've had coffee, I'm going to check out the breaker. The box is outside, in the middle of a weed patch.

    I did audition, and my best shot may be as Lady Capulet, which is a small but fun role.

    The play is about 3 1/2 hours, and the director has cut it to 2, so quite a few of the secondary roles are smaller than they would have been.

  3. Maybe check your fuses in the Miata. Hope it's something simple!