Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blue Ridge Views


  1. What a beautiful place. Reminds me (a little) of Ireland.

  2. I would love to go to Ireland. Jim and I always planned to go there, but it never happened. Won't, now, I suppose...

    Your pictures of the countryside around you are so lovely!

  3. A little cabin,couple horses,a vegetable garden,some chickens....And I'm all set to live out there in the beautiful quiet wilderness!lol The pictures are wonderful...makes me dream of living away from society! lol
    The only thing I would miss would be my computer..lol

  4. Was that a picture of mountain laurel?
    It sure looks like it. That is my states flower! and it is protected here you can't pick it,though I often did as a kid..I lived basically in the woods,and grew up running barefoot through the woods! lol I miss it sometimes..but I don't miss the mosquitos!

  5. The flower is a magnolia. I have forgotten the specific kind, but it's related to the massive 12" flowers we get here on the huge trees with the huge shiny leaves.

    The little ones smell nicer...

  6. You sure Ronni? Cause I went and checked because it looked so similar to what I remember as a kid.
    Check out this link,and see how similar it is.