Monday, July 21, 2008

Washington, Day One

We walked from here... here... here... here...

...and then decided that it would be worth a taxi fare back to Metro Central and so back to our hotel.

We are going to the Smithsonian and a couple more monuments tomorrow.

You know, I know it's the middle of summer and all, and a very dry one at that; and I know there are budget cuts everywhere, but, Dearly Beloved, there should not be weeds growing in the grass up and down the Reflecting Pool, and sneaking up through the joins in the stone work everywhere. There are great patches of dirt in the lawns around the Washington Monument, as well.

I must have heard upwards of a dozen languages being spoken as we walked around. I had expected us to be putting forth a better effort than this for the many people of the world who come to see our Capitol!

...And another thing. The bathrooms were a disgrace, with no soap and no toilet paper. It was only about 10:30 in the morning! As well as that, of all the people we spoke to while we were buying water, asking directions or buying prezzies to take home, only one person had a smile on her face and some energy and a desire to be helpful.

...And don't even get me started on the town of Silver Springs, where we are staying! Ye Gods! The roads are pitted with potholes big enough to swallow Minni Miata, and bad ridges that run in the direction of travel, on which we bottomed out one time...and who in Hell came up with the scathingly brilliant idea of putting parking meters INSIDE PARKING GARAGES? This might no be such a bad idea if there were change machines anywhere in the vicinity.

I am going to go on a major change hunt first thing in the morning, and hit the ground running.


  1. GAH - the speed bumps in Silver Spring just about drive me nuts. You need an suv not to bottom out.

    Though in the area the only hotel I have stayed at have actually been IN the city since I have family in Silver Spring and Arlington.

    Frankly I wouldnt pay the hotel prices in the city if it werent for my awesome connections with hotels and that I only pay about $20 at pretty much any Marriott. I pay more for parking when I am in DC or in my own NYC when I stay there.

  2. Ronni:

    That was quite a walk--and it was a very hot day.


  3. Sounds as though you are making the most of this trip. I get lazy when I feel hot, no energy.

    Brendan looks so tall!