Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Washington, Day Two, Part (A)

Well, I am totally bummed.

I travelled two thousand miles to see the exhibit of the First Ladies' Inaugural Ball Gowns, and couldn't see it. Seems they are in the Museum of American History, and that has been closed for two years for renovation. Won't be open again till October.

I had no idea how much that meant to me until I was told I couldn't do it.

I am still sulking.


  1. Don't be a whineybabypeepee pants about it! I understand how you feel,it's a great exhibit. Maybe you'll have a reason to come to the East Coast again and can catch it then.

  2. Now, how did I know you were going to say that? Oh well, if you hadn't, Terri would have...

  3. I totally have the giggles now. I forgot how much that troll tickled me with that comment.

  4. It tickled me, too, which is why I adjusted my profile to include it. Unlike the "Scourge of the Internet," which I didn't document. It wasn't more than a month or so that some troll (whether the same or not) accused me of self-aggrandizement: "and she calls herself the scourge of the internet!"

    No fear of that, with this one!

  5. The First Ladies gowns is a wonderful exhibit. Its worth the return trip.

    Its impressive to see the way that the gowns changed with the invention of the sewing machine.

    I love looking at Jackie Kennedy's gown and could look at it over and over. Its exceptionally Queen quality.

  6. LOL Oh really? lol
    Well I wont cause I would have whined about that too lol!
    I did happen to look some of that stuff up about a month or so ago,because we werer thinking of going there..But if my memory serves me right the rubie slippers are moved too...RIGHT? and there was NO WAY I was going back there and NOT see those! (whining)