Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Front Royal

This one looks as if it's starting to get some work done.

This, right next door, is in serious need of help.

There are a lot of lovely brick homes that look much older than these two, and yet are in severe disrepair. It's a shame, because these are beautiful and historic, and must have been preserved in the past, or they would have had to be torn down by now.

I wish I were rich. I'd buy one and fix it up!


  1. The "new" roof in the first picture just doesn't do a thing for it! I heard they are longer lasting then the traditional roofs,but I think they are ugly,I see them popping up all over the place here..
    I guess i'm just old fashioned,and like thw "old" stuff!

  2. I like the old stuff, too, but I'll take anything if it helps keep the old stuff from falling down. If it gets to stay up, maybe somebody will restore it to it's historic look later on.

  3. Gorgeous big houses. Couldn't bear the though of having to clean it, though.

    Hope you are well....

  4. Ronni, I hear you there! so True!
    And MGT? I had one of those "big" colonials...I was constantly cleaning,all wood floors...But I was so proud of that place,We had restored it (circa 1860)...I miss it..I would give anything to be back there.