Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Front Royal

This reposes above the entrance to a bank on Main Street.

The county high school. I think it's very cool. It sits up a hill from the street, facing the corner. There is a cemetery next door.

The signs say Front Royal was incorporated in 1781, before the Revolution was fully won. the architecture seems to reflect that, but efforts at preservation of the wonderful colonial-style houses appear to be just getting underway. Many of the buildings look much the worse for wear. A plaque on Main Street says that Stonewall Jackson liberated the town from the Yankees in 1862.

There is a nice city square, and some upscale restaurants (square plates) and shops on Main Street.

There is also not a non-smoking ordinance. We went to Wynn's for breakfast, a place that reminds me of Bruno's in Georgetown. The non-smoking section consists of maybe four booths in the front, and the air was thick.

When Round Rock enacted their non-smoking ordinance, several years ago, it was amid dire warnings that restaurants would go under, due to smokers deciding to eat at home. That hasn't happened. At that time, I was still a smoker, and very defensive of my "rights."

It's *amazing* how I have turned around on that one! I was actually shocked to see a person walk into the restaurant with a cigarette burning in his hand! It's official. I have flip-flopped. I now think like a non-smoker. I could not wait to get out of there into the fresh air!


  1. LOL don't you know us reformed smokers are the worst? lol
    It seems to bother us more..I wonder why?
    again Beautiful pictures..I love the naked men over the bank! (giggle)

  2. Ths smoke, not the sculpture...

  3. I bet! lol I can't stand it anymore either..And they way it makes a person smell??? ewwwww, I cna't beleive I ever smoked!
    And I kinda guessed you weren'ttalking about the sculpture! (wink)