Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The west side of Monticello

The east portico, where the tour starts.

I was the only person in our tour group who had been there before.

The house is smaller than you might expect, but lovely, and I wish they would have allowed us to take pictures inside.

Jefferson had one of those minds that puzzles over everything. If he were in today's education system, they would probably decide he had a bad case of ADHD.

I would like to have met him. I bought the book about his letters to and from John Adams. The tour guide (thanks, Aurelia) recommended it, and said that it proves that the antipathy between the two was not as deep as history would have us believe.

It's a big book, so I probably won't get through it for a couple of months. Expect a book report later!

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  1. NIce pics! book report huh?lol
    I think I went there as a kid...but without looking at my old photos book from 8th grade,I can't be sure! lol
    My memory is shot!