Friday, March 30, 2007

Questions and Answers

A bit of background, here. This is a post and a reply from the Court TV Message Boards. The case being discussed is one of a young, pregnant mother, found bludgeoned to death with her pre-schooler trying to patch her up with band aids and washcloths. It has been five months, almost, since this happened, and nobody has been charged. Her husband got a lawyer and has not been interviewed by the police, as far as the public knows. The media has maintained a curious silence about this case. Both the questioner and the answerer are of the opinion that the husband is the killer.

Re: [the husband]'s state of mind....


I would like to know....[the husband]'s current state of mind. Does he:

1. think that he DIDN'T kill [his wife]?

2. know that he did but thinks that she deserved it [as in another case]?

3. truly not remember (like the bipolar poster said that she forgot things during manias)?

4. know that he killed her but doesn't care?

5. know he killed her and feels regret?

6. know he did it and is worried about going to prison?

7. think he so smart that he can outwit the LE (law enforcement) and DA (district attorney)?

What does he think about all day?

Does he replay the murder over and over in his mind or not think about it at all and is movin' on?


Ok, so long as we all understand that this is JMO (just my opinion).

1. No, he knows he killed her.

2. I don't know if deserve is the right word. He was simply removing an obstacle. To say he thought she deserved it is to credit her for being important enough to him to merit that much emotion.

3. He remembers.

4. He does not care. Furthermore, he is truly perplexed by those that seem to care so much.

5. No, no regret.

6. I don't know that he is worried he is going to prison. I would say he probably thinks quite a bit about the crime and wonders about those pesky loose ends.

7. He does not replay the murder, except for those loose ends he may be checking for (see #6).

He has moved on and looks down on those who have not. Furthermore, he expects [his daughter] to do the same. He does not see the loss of [his wife] as a loss to anyone. Or at least a loss that cannot be replaced easily enough. ALL JMO (just my opinion) and MOO (my opinion only).

Of course, we have no way of knowing if the husband actually is the killer, in this case. So this post comes with a HUGE "allegedly."

The point I am making here is that the questions can be asked about many spousal murders, and the answers would be the same.

People supporting the husband on the above quoted forum have stated that he wants to 'get on with his life," and find a new wife and a new mommy for his daughter.

That one got me. The mindset that says that women are interchangeable may work for the grieving widower, but it is not possible to find a new mommy for a tiny child.

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