Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Politically Correct

I've decided that, if African-American people do not wish to be called "Black," then I am going to object to being referred to as "White" by said African-Americans.

Heretofore, I am an Anglo-Celtic-American.



  1. Ha Ha! Now that is funny. Truly, unless someone is trying to be derrogatory, should it even matter which term is used to describe the color of one's skin? Besides, not all persons of a darkened color are African American. It seems to be it would be less offensive to some to be identified as "black" than as African American if they are indeed say Jamacian or some other nationality.

  2. My husband works with a man who checks 'African American' on ethnicity areas on forms, although he's white. He was born and raised in Africa though, held citizenship in one of the countries there (can't remember which one at the moment), and came to America as an adult and obtained citizenship here. Hence, African American. Literally. ;)