Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Make It Pretty for the Press

"Detention Center Was Renovated for Media Trip"

"The consensus among those watching our videotape is that immigration officials had tried to soften the public's perception of what might be construed as inhumane. But now, there is new evidence that changes continue to be made. The front entrance fence and gate we walked through upon entering the complex was removed. And the razor wire that ringed the prison perimeter and defined the status of those locked inside has also been removed."

We shall see how long the "improvements" last.

The History Channel did a show fairly recently about a concentration camp which was fixed up for a visit by the Red Cross. Fooled them totally. They reported back that they saw well-fed and happy children, who performed a play for them. The show was about the play, and the survivors of that camp who were in the play. The play is still being performed, and the survivors were treated to a trip back to see it performed for them. It was very moving. I wish I could remember enough information to find the show on the History Channel site, so I could link it.

I can't help but think of that when I read the linked article.

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