Friday, January 13, 2006


For about six months, years ago, I shared a house with a truly awful woman. She had two daughters. I had no lock on my door, and they went through my room every day. They stole clothes they could never fit into, and jewelry. They ate my food, because their mother had an eating disorder, and the food she bought was boring. I could never convince them that it was wrong to help themselves to my things.

I shared a bathroom with them. One day, I heard this incoherent yowling coming from behind the bathroom door. One of "Donna's" girls came running out, in tears. Something seemed to be wrong with her mouth. On closer inspection, it became clear that she had attempted to brush her teeth with...

Are you ready for this?


Moral: If you can't keep your paws off things that don't belong to you, at least learn to read!


  1. Just rewards!

    That is too funny. Bet she spent the next 12 hours trying to get that stuff out of her mouth.

    Did that cure them of going through and taking your stuff?

  2. Wow, talk about just desserts! Did she at least take time to read before stealing after that?

  3. oh wow that's hilarious - I hope they learned their lesson after that incident.

  4. I can soooo visualize that! hahahahah!

  5. No, those obnoxious girls never learned anything, except to act like the lowest form of unpleasantness one can imagine. I felt sorry for them, but any efforts I made on their behalf were misguided and useless.

    When I moved out, I was missing several beautiful designer vintage dresses that there's no way those girls could have fit into, as well as a lot of makeup and costume jewelry.

    Maybe one day I'll tell some stories about their mother.

    There are some pretty strange people in the world, in case you hadn't noticed!