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The Manson Madness Continues

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Here's a link to a story of the latest madness to issue from Charles Manson.  Now, Dearly Beloved, you would think his story pretty much over, wouldn't you?  Not so fast!  By god, he may be locked up for life, and 81 years old, but he hasn't given up.  No sir-ee!

Here's a nice picture of him with his new wife:

As the article states, she is the spitting image of one of his minions from back in the day.  She looks a little whack...well, she would have to be, wouldn't she, to marry him, with his mohawk (there's nothing sadder than an old man trying to be hip, especially in prison), swastika tattoo and murder conviction?

Now, here is a picture of his son:

Quite a family resemblance, isn't there?  One might even say, a cultivated resemblance.  That, or the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

From the article:
Notorious mass murderer Charles Manson is planning to become a dad again – by smuggling his sperm out of prison.
The 80-year-old cult leader, who married besotted superfan Afton Burton, 26, behind bars last year, is desperate for her to have his child.
But because he is serving life he is not allowed conjugal visits. The closest contact guards allow them is a peck on the cheek during weekly visits.
So instead he plans to sneak his sperm outside to enable Afton, who calls herself Star, to be artificially inseminated.
Dad-of-four Manson confessed his bizarre plan to son Matthew Roberts, 47 – conceived after Manson raped his mum during an orgy in the swinging Sixties – and incredibly he has agreed to help raise the child.
“My dad has wanted to be a father again for many years.
I can kind of understand why his son would not be horrified by this crack-brained scheme--after all, if Manson has already fathered children, what's one more?  This son was adopted and raised far from his sperm-donor's vile influence.
A later DNA test confirmed Matthew was Manson’s youngest son, a brother to Charles Milles Jr, Charles Luther and Valentine Michael.
So two of his sons have his first name, and a third is named for the protagonist is Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land," whose name was Michael Valentine Smith.  No overweening ego there, nope, nope, nope!
“Part of the whole thing with him marrying Star is that he would love to have kids and he was waiting for someone to come along and provide that,” says Matthew, seemingly oblivious to his father’s heinous crimes.
So, still the manipulative asshole he has always been.
He adds: “He wants to see what it might be like to raise a child with more of his own ideas.“He is starting to think about how he wants his legacy to be left once he’s gone.”
Oh, boy.  Where to start?  In the first place, he will not be "raising a child."  He is in prison for life.  Oh, he comes up for parole every few years, but it will never be granted.  Would you like to see a child raised with "more of his own ideas?"  I thought not.  Let's move on to "legacy."  This murdering bastard knows perfectly well what his "legacy" is.  Dead people, and the death of the hippie "movement."  Putting more of himself into the gene pool is not going to change that.
But Matthew argues: “Dad is legally married and deserves time to enjoy the benefits of marriage. Other prisoners in facilities around the world enjoy that privilege when they wed.
“I feel my dad and Star’s love is genuine, and that they have the right to consummate that marriage.
Yeah, right.  He saw another little minion coming his way, and is using her, and his son, to do this thing.
 "I believe he is still physically capable of that. But, obviously his options are limited. Somehow he hopes to smuggle his sperm out of the prison.
“Some of the guards have sympathy towards him, but I’m not sure if they can help. It is illegal trying to smuggle anything either in or out of there.
"Some of the guards have sympathy towards him,"

Those need to be ferreted out and removed from his sphere of influence.
 He admits: “My plan sounds crazy, but this seems like the perfect opportunity. It’s synchronicity and I believe things like this unfold naturally.”
Matthew, who describes himself as a “hippy DJ”, says his “spiritual understanding” of means it is irrelevant what the wider world thinks of the plan.”
Sounding just like rambling Manson – who told followers he was Jesus – Matthew goes on: “I like who I am and I’d like this genetic bloodline to be passed on and continue in this world.
...And, in that, he stands alone.
 “I would make sure, wholeheartedly, that they were safe.”
Better build a big wall.
Matthew says: “I do feel like Star and Dad are communicating with each other on a higher level.They really believe they have something very special.
“I think she thinks he’s a victim who didn’t murder anybody and was falsely accused. I do believe now that she does have genuine love for him. I don’t think she is bulls****ing, I honestly think she has feelings for him.”
So.  Two more people he has managed to manipulate.  IMO, this man should be in solitary, with guards changed every week.  Not rotated in and out, replaced so that no one else, ever, falls under his influence.

And I am unanimous in that.

Found this link today:  Perhaps Matthew and Star have been putting us on:  It seems a license has been purchased, but it expires this week.  A new license (good for 90 days) will be needed if the happy couple is, indeed, going to tie the knot.

Another Update:
She wanted to stuff him like Trigger and charge the masses to see him.  If this is true, she is as sick as he is and they deserve each other.  Kind of nice to see him taken for a bit of a ride, though, isn't it?

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