Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever--2014

Well, this edition of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is one for the books.  Due to a most excellent cast and crew, we told the story and told it well.

Here are some links to galleries of pictures, some taken by a member of the audience and some by the Round Rock Leader.

I'm telling you--when you see these, you will wish you had been there!  Many thanks to Henry Huey of the Leader, and R Clayton McKee for the awesome photos!

I got a very young cast this time.  Usually, my cast is mostly teenagers, but this time I had more in the 8-9-10 range, and it gave the show an electricity it might lack with older kids.  Not that it doesn't work with older kids, and they usually grasp the concept more easily than younger ones.  I have done some very nice shows with kids much older than suggested in the script.

The cast of brilliant Assistant Storytellers had fun, and it showed, right up to the final, "Hey, HEY!  Unto YOU a child is born!"

The Theatre is magic.  There's magic in this theater and blessed are they who share their talents with others.

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