Saturday, November 15, 2014

On Getting Old--A Grumblement

Mostly...on good days...I look like this.  Many thanks to Doc List for this shot, which he took while doing show shots for Godspell with Austin Theatre Project last summer.  I was the Costumer and Wardrobe Mistress for that production.  It's nice to have a (heh) Project.

However, there are days...  This is another of Doc's shots, cropped out of a show shot for "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds," an earlier Austin Theatre Project production, in which I played Nanny.  I was amazed at the small amount of time and effort it took to make me look this bad.

I must confess, there are days when this image is burned onto my consciousness.  Days like today, when it is cold and everything hurts.  My knees, which I was told (at 21) would be a problem "later," are now a constant hurt.  The thumb on my left hand no longer bends.  My eyelashes have migrated to the general vicinity of my eyebrows, which are going wild.  Don't even get me started on the incipient mustache and the chin hairs!  I am, also, beginning to acquire a bunion.

My skin is dry and flaky; I find a new Brown Spot every few days.

On the plus side, I have flown free of some of the things I used to allow to enslave me, such as shaving my legs.  I mean, really--who cares?  Who is even looking?  I no longer wear underwired bras.  What the hell would I do with perky boobs, at my age?  I keep one such bra around, in case of theater need--

~cough~  ~Bitsy~  ~cough~

So that's my assessment of my physical condition at 65.

How are you doing, Dearly Beloved?

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  1. The main difference in those two photographs of you is a smile and then the lack of it. I don't shave either but I might when the 'tache thickens. I hate that my eyebrows are now as white as my hair. It's hard to keep weight off and as soon as one bit stops hurting another bit starts. That said, what's the alternative. Just have to remember to smile. Best face lift there is!