Sunday, July 20, 2014

On the Road Again

Well, Dearly Beloved, we have done Travels with Brendan, and Travels Alone.  Now we are doing Travels with Aidan.

I have let the CDs get all dirty, so they skip.  Poop.  Still, we might wind up with Aidan listening to his phone music with earbuds an me exploring the local country stations.

We made it to Arkadelphia yesterday, stopping early because tired.  Arkansas is really beautiful, with miles and miles of trees.  I know we have trees in Texas, but not as many.  Most of Texas looks like trees were planted as windbreaks, not cleared to plant fields.

We are alternating between highways and back roads.  Aidan has taken to navigating as if he were born to it.  He seems to adapt to my happy-go-lucky travel style.  Missed an exit?  Oh, well...we'll take the next one.  Missed a stop I want to make?  Oh well, we will catch it on the way back.

At this point, I'm not sure we will follow the same route home, but hey.  Very flexible and fluid, here.

Today, we are going to visit some points of interest around Little Rock...a car museum and a submarine.  Pictures will ensue!

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