Monday, July 21, 2014

A Place in Arkansas

Took this picture outside the Museum of Automobiles, which sits on top of Petit Jean Mountain in central Arkansas.  The place was built in 1964 and houses a nice collection of cars, from the beginning of cars up to the one seen above.  The 1964 1/2 Mustang is one of my favourite cars EVER, but there were a lot of other awesome cars there.  Aidan wanted a toy, and selected a puzzle consisting of two horseshoes chained together with a ring around the chain.  He solved it in about 3 minutes, but hey.

Then, we went here:

This is the overlook at Petit Jean Mountain, where Arkansas is truly on display.  Yes, that truly is The Teen, frolicking on a cliff with nary a guardrail in sight.  C'mon...if there had been, he would have climbed over it.  And, yes, I still have him.  He did not fall off and become impaled on the wrought iron around the supposed grave of Petit Jean:

Lovely little pointy bits on that!  And, holy cow, whodathunkit--this valley contains a river:

The Arkansas River, to be precise.  If you have a really good eye, you might could spot the pontoon plane that buzzed us while we were standing on said guard-rail-free cliff and then swooped down to land on the river.

Some people should never have pilots' licenses!

On to St Louis tomorrow!

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