Saturday, June 21, 2014

David Strickland, Alleged Killer

Almost two years ago now, a Corpus Christi couple, both in their teens, went to a park, where they were found in the morning by birders, one of them dead and the other seriously injured.  The couple were lesbians, and, for some reason, that pissed the killer off.  He is charged with sexual assault, so I guess he tried his own version of "rape therapy."

He is facing charges of capital murder, aggravated assault with a weapon and aggravated sexual assault in the June 23, 2012, attack on Mollie Olgin, 19, who died in the shooting in Portland on the Corpus Christi Bay. Olgin's girlfriend, Kristene Chapa, then 18, survived.

Congratulations on the arrest.  Hope it's the right guy.  If this is a mugshot, they probably do...can't see how anyone falsely arrested for such a crime would smirk like that.

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