Sunday, June 01, 2014

Available for Kidnap (Humour) (Sort of)

Three years old. Occasionally answers to the name of Eli. AKA Red Chief,  AKA Hell-on-Wheels, AKA Get-Out-of-There, he is a sweetly cute preschooler, with strawberry blond curls and a penchant for markers/talent for makeup:

Enjoys singing, sword fighting, and anything theatrical.  Almost housebroken.  Learning English, but sees consonants as optional and interchangeable.  Says "NO!" very clearly, probably due to a lot of practice.

Has good taste in movies, favouring anything by Tim Burton, but also has an unfortunate attachment to Buzz Lightyear.  Can yell loud enough to shatter glass and send the dog under the bed.  Runs at the speed of sound.

Very cute when sleeping.

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