Monday, April 14, 2014


If you are a Democrat, or even if you are a reasonable Republican who is just as fed up with your Right Wing Nut Jobs as the rest of us, get out and vote this November.  Here is an article about a new poll that gives us a chance in the mid term elections.

Here in Texas, Democrats tend to walk around with our heads hanging low, too defeated to even show up at the polls.  This has got to stop.  Here in Texas, we have a choice:  Greg Abbott or Wendy Davis.  Even if you are a Republican, Wendy Davis is looking pretty good compared to the man who votes against women and minorities at every opportunity and then lies about it.

I know I still have some Republican friends, and I know some of you are so done with the Tea Party and their ridiculous and outlandish platforms.  Praying for rain while denying climate change.  Touting Texas as a pro-business state while fertilizer plants blow up due to a total lack of regulation.  Refusing to expand Medicaid while millions of us go without health care.  Blindly following the ALEC agenda, regardless of whether the people who elected them want it.

Wendy can't possibly be worse.


In the Federal government, every single Republican voted against equal pay.  They have voted over fifty times to repeal the ACA, even though they know it's not going to happen.  They have voted against aid for veterans, women and children.  But they are still all for tax breaks for the 1%!  Not a single jobs bill.  No inkling of what they will do for health care if they could repeal the ACA.  They have become the Party of I've Got Mine, so Screw You.

Is this what you want for this country?

People have been appointed to the Committee on Science, Space and Technology who think science is "of the devil."  Superstition is running rampant because we keep electing people who know nothing about science.  Legislators are making medical determinations that have nothing to do with science or medicine and run contrary to scientific and medical knowledge.  Education is falling victim to superstition.

Even if you are a Republican, you have to hate this.  Get involved.  Get rid of the Tea Party idiots.  If the only way to vote them out is to vote for the Democrat in whatever race you have a vote in, then bite the bullet and do it.

Isn't the country more important that the label you apply to your personal politics?

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