Monday, April 14, 2014

Terrence is Writing

If you've been following me at all here, you know I've written about the murder of Kelly Brumbelow by Terrence Sampson in 1989.  You know also that I am a staunch advocate of victims' rights and have been known to crow mightily when some wife- or girlfriend-murdering scumbag gets his just deserts.

You also know, Dearly Beloved, that both the victim and the murderer in this case were 7th graders.  They were neighbours.  They were both home alone.  The story is that Terrence asked Kelly out and she turned him down.  He came unglued and stabbed her 97 times and hid her body in a woodpile.

Since then, he has been locked up, first in a juvenile detention facility, and, since he reached adulthood, in prison.  He has been married and divorced, and has worked hard to get a Master's in English.  He writes.

A friend recently sent me this link:, which goes to some of Terrence's writing.  I hope you will read it and leave me a comment, telling me what you think about this.

In the time I have been writing about murder, my pro-death-penalty stance has softened considerably, and I no longer scream for it every time somebody is murdered.  Mistakes are made, and sometimes the wrong person is executed, leaving a killer running free.

The fact that Terrence was only 12 or 13 when he did this heinous thing, and the fact that he appears to be genuinely repentant, leads me to hope that he can recover.  When he is released, I think he can be a productive member of society.

I am hoping to have an opportunity to talk to Terrence and meet with him in person.

I think it does little good to go on and on about the fact that Kelly is gone and her potential was destroyed.  I do realize that.  I also realize that her family suffered a loss that will never go away.  Every child in that school who knew either one of them suffered damage that will never go away.  I fail to see what can be gained by continuing to punish Terrence, once he has done his time and paid his debt, and comes forth to deal with his future.  If he can have one, at least something will have been salvaged from the horror that occurred that long ago December day.


  1. I did time with Sampson on the Ramsey Unit in 2009-2011, and lived on the same block with him. I have no animosity towards him, as we were friendly, if not friends We worked in the kitchen together and went to college together, and I got to know him fairly well. Long before I ever knew the particulars of his case, I had come to the conclusion that there was something VERY wrong with him.

    Terrance has a piece missing, I guess is the best way to put it. There's something that most people have, but he does not. I've always categorized prisoners into three types: 1) otherwise good people who committed criminal acts, 2) the true criminal (sociopath "lite"), and 3) those with a piece missing (the "hard" sociopath), the guys who give you an uneasy feeling just talking to them. Maybe that doesn't make sense to a free-world person, but when you've done 17 1/2 years like I have, on the worst farms Texas has to offer, you start seeing this pattern.

    In my entire time in TDCJ, I met maybe a dozen men who fit into that third category, and Terrance Sampson is one of them. There's nothing you can really put your finger on, just an aura about him that is disturbing. Despite being married, he continues to manipulate several women for money. He portrays himself as a Christian, seeking forgiveness, when in actuality he is a Black Muslim who preys on emotionally vulnerable White women. I've watched how he attempts to ingratiate himself with every teacher, particularly the politically Liberal ones, with his "little boy lost" act. He is virulently anti-White, once you get to know him and he opens up, and he attributes his plight to racism. I've never seen one shred of remorse from him, as he is one of the most self-pitying individuals I've ever met.

    Terrance Sampson is a VERY dangerous man. I've actually laughed out loud reading the forum comments on other sites, wondering if the people on there are really referring to the same guy I knew. The fact is, Terrance can "sell it," to all but those who are skilled at seeing through the scam. I always knew there was something about him not quite right, that "his gears don't mesh." but it wasn't until I was paroled that I got on Google and learned the full truth.

    Since the death threats he made against Ms. Brumbelow are a matter of public record, I would strongly advise her to purchase a firearm and shoot him on sight, should he make parole and return to Central Texas. If she does not, I fear for her safety, as Terrance harbors deep resentments against her. The Type Threes that I mentioned are not "made," they are "born." Anyone who thinks Terrance Sampson has been rehabilitated is dreaming.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to tell me this. I now have a lot more thought to put into this case.

    2. You may contact me directly through the link in my profile, if you would like to discuss this further.

    3. I would like to talk to this person if at all

    4. Nice try JB

  2. I would like to talk to this person if at all

  3. Wow, it's a shame to hear someone who was in prison speak of Terrance this way. The funny thing is I was on Ramsey with you and Terrance. Go on and list your name so we can learn of your crimes ! I know who you are , I know your writing style. The truth is I was Terrance's cellmate for two years. I was also in a White Power gang in prison for most of the 20 years I did. When I was Terrance's celly at first, I didn't want to be around him because of the black on white crime, but I really got to know him. Terrance is the opposite of what you say. This guy helps others understand the true concept of "change". I know, he helped me. Don't get me wrong, he made a horrific choice at the age of 12, but he's a totally different and remorseful person now. You lied on him. On another hand I hope the other readers will not get discouraged at this other bloggers comments. Terrance mourns daily for his choice, and feels the only way to give back for the life he took, is to save others' lives. I encourage readers to write Terrance and hear it from him. He don't manipulate anyone for money , he has loved ones who take care of him. YE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE...People can and do change. God Bless..