Sunday, February 23, 2014

In Which the Blog War Rears its Ugly Head Again

You have heard me talk about the Great Blog War, right, Dearly Beloved?  It actually started a year or so before I started this blog, and there are some references to it in my earliest posts.  Googling, the most recent reference to it I can find anywhere is from 2008.  So, let's say it had a duration of four years and has been over for six.

...At least, over for most of us.  One pathetic person is still mired in the hate.  Back in the day, we knew her as Susan Frazier.  I can't keep track of all the names she became irrelevant that day in 2008 when it all ended.  She, however, has kept track of everything, including having a Google Alert set for Loretta Dillon.

Loretta has written another book.  We all thought she would write "The Narcissist's Guide to Relationships," which would have been, to use her word, "highlarrious," but she has gone a different route.  Perhaps in regard to a change in attitude or point of view, her new book is titled, "Finally! A Great Relationship."  It offers great advice, humourously, and reflects the sort of positivity a good relationship engenders. And I say, kudos to her.

The said Susan, now using an Amazon profile under the name Herbert Frazier, has popped in over there to tell the world that Loretta has no right to write a book about relationships due to the Great Blog War.  I kid you not.  If you want to read her whole screed, get on over there and have at it.  Here's a sample:

I would hesitate to be in the same town with this "lady" let alone the same room. IF she has a boyfriend (she is very imaginative) I pity him. No doubt he has no idea of her horrific vindictive history and let's hope he doesn't have a pet bunny because the first time he disappoints her, no doubt the bunny gets it. She finally got some poor sap to "like" her..that says way more about him (he probably had zero other options) than it does about her ability to catch a man.
Of course, Susan/Herbert is ready and willing to serve up "her horrific vindictive history," in the interests of saving this poor man.  Pure Public Servant--that's our Susan!

Of the people who were involved in the Great Blog War on the side of The Light, many of us have had many changes happen in our lives, over the years.  We have lost loved ones, acquired grandchildren, made stunning career moves, written plays, travelled the world, had mid-life crises, dumped loser narcissist spouses, and watched our kids grow up to become productive citizens.  I know about the Misfits because we have remained friends and have kept up with each other on a regular basis.

I am not a stalker, so have no Google alerts set for the names of all the people in the world with whom I have ever disagreed.  Maybe the members of the Dark Side have done the same as we have.  I know I am now friends with one or two of them on Facebook.  I don't hold grudges, and a sincere apology is all it really takes for me to bury the shovel.  This person, however, still lives in the past and can't stand to see Loretta achieve any sort of success without doing her best to destroy it.  Back in the day, we used to say that the Dark Side inhabitants could not possibly have any sort of lives.

It seems, in Susan's case, we were right.

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