Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don't You Just Love a Pissed-Off Ex?

Not even an ex, really.  He walked out on Vanessa three and a half years ago, and yet there has been no divorce.  She can't afford to do it--I have no idea what his excuse is.

So, a little recap.  While pregnant with Ethan, Vanessa was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Joy.  Himself was not a whole lot of help...he considered that Vanessa's symptoms and fatigue were due to laziness and hypochondria.  Through quite a bit of that, he was unemployed and she worked.  He played World of Warcraft while Ethan ran wild through their house.  She was four months pregnant with Eli when Himself packed up his PlayStation and moved back home to his mother.  Eventually, he got his own place and moved a woman in.  She turned out to be a felon who was spending her weekends "elsewhere."  Himself and Vanessa went to court to settle child support and visitation.  He was totally disinterested in Eli for the first year of his life.

Now that Vanessa has Addie (In his eyes, proof positive that she has been having fun), Himself is all of a sudden interested in the boys and thinking they are being neglected in favour of Vanessa's scintillating social whirl.

He called CPS.  When did wasting the precious resources of an under-funded and understaffed branch of state services in order to harass your ex become a "thing?"  Claiming that the boys are not being bathed enough or taken to doctors.  This, from the man who kept them all weekend in the same clothes and refused to give Ethan his allergy meds because the doc had not done a full allergy screening (with the needles and all).  The result of that was Ethan coming home covered in hives and totally congested.

But now that he sees an opportunity to give Vanessa a hard time, he is all over that.

Not nice, Himself.  Not nice at all.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup. Not all that unusual, but a pain in the ass, nevertheless.

  2. congratulations to vanessa and her sweet little addie.
    how lovely to honor her great-grandmother --- the master of quilts and good sense.

    too bad that the little boys' dad can't pull Himself together and knock it off.
    he has inflicted so much damage to the family he started but wasn't man enough to support.

    one day, he might realize what a jerk he has been and try to make amends (words, deeds and money).

    i hope that day is tomorrow, saturday.

    that said, i wish nothing but happiness for Vanessa, Ethan, Eli, Addie and their ever loving family -- Ronni, Chandra and Aidan.


  3. and Mac, of course.
    Mac protects all.


    1. He certainly does. He thinks all puppies benefit from a good licking.