Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Well, Ain't This Nice!

Steven Powell doesn't like the judgment against him that was set last August!
Powell, who is representing himself, said the damages awarded are "excessive, both in terms of defendant’s resources and of plaintiff’s claims," calling the amount so large "that the verdict must have been the result of passion or prejudice."
"Passion or prejudice."  The man has GOT to be a sociopath.  "[E] terms...of plaintiff's claims."  I don't have a copy saved of the original judgment, but the plaintiffs are small children he photographed.  Secretly.  From his bedroom to their bathroom.  This was discovered when police searched his house for journals belonging to Susan Cox Powell.  They found pictures Steve had secretly taken of her, and many, many other people, including the little neighbour girls.

You do remember this case, right?  Susan Cox Powell disappeared from her Utah home one a snowstorm, while her husband, Josh, was out camping in the family's only vehicle with the two little boys.  Josh almost immediately rented out the home and skedaddled home to Daddy in Puyallup, Washington.  Steve helped him set up a nasty website, ostensibly to try to find Susan.  Instead, the site was filled with thinly veiled insults aimed at Susan and her family.

In spite of a lot of searching, Susan has never been found, and Josh killed his sons and himself in a gasoline-fueled explosion.  Of course, if Daddy had not been arrested for voyeurism, Josh would not have needed the rent house.  In this case, the nut has definitely not fallen all that far from the tree.

1.8 million dollars is nowhere near enough.

Meanwhile, this is happening.  The families are feuding over Susan's estate.

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