Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in the Little House

Well, let's see.  I was up till after 2:00 finishing Aidan's scarf. 

The little onces are still at Mike's, but they will be back around noon. 

Brendan went to his grandma's last night and will be back later. 

Val and Lee are not up yet.

Vanessa got through the night all right, even though it's the first time since Eli's birth that he's been away from her.  I remember a lot of Christmas Eves alone, when she and Chandra were at their dad's for Christmas, so I know what she's going through.

Chandra stuffed stockings, even one for the cats.

It's time for another cup of coffee, a shower, and cooking.

Merry Christmas, y'all...


  1. happy new year, ronni.

    may 2013 bring you and your family
    happiness, health, prosperity and a little
    peace of mind.

    i put up my xmas tree late but it has
    your lovely handmade ornaments.

    i will email you a picture.

    you are the best xmas gift.

    you and your blog inspire me.

    i had a dream with chandra in it. i saw her walking down the sidewalk.

    she is a gifted silversmith as well as a talented actress. i loved the photo of her holding the phone in that play.

    i can't forget the tiny little silver box that she made you in her jewelry-making class.

    i feel as if i know her and her precious aiden.

    i am happy that Vanessa and her children are safe and secure.

    brendan has really come into his own.
    he is a special young man with so much to offer
    the world.

    ronni, you mean so much to me and many others.

    i know that your life as been hell at times---
    but boy, you sure know how to tell it!

    love you lots!

    1. aidan.

      a typo, of course!