Friday, August 17, 2012

Coming Up on Five Years

It has been almost five years since Jim's suicide.  Tomorrow morning, I am summoned to court for the final dispensation of his estate.  I guess this means the house has been sold.  I fully expect to get nothing.  I think I will probably be lucky if I don't wind up owing the Evil Brother a lot of money I don't have.

I owe a lawyer $6000 for doing absolutely nothing that was of any help.  She dumped me last year.

 God knows what has happened with the IRS.

At this point, I will just be glad it is over, and, with any sort of luck, I will never have to see or speak with the Evil Brother again.  If I am really lucky, he will not be there tomorrow, and I can deal with his lawyer, who seems to be human, at least.  I could be overly optimistic, however, applying that term to him.

So.  There will be one more post under this label, in which I shall record the details of the Final Dispensation of the Estate of James L Prior, and then I'm probably done.

It has been five years of hell.  Fuck you, Jim and Evil Brother. 

I may change my name.


  1. What can I say that could be of any comfort? At least, it will hopefully be the end of this particular acre of hell.

  2. Continued until August 27th, with a stern injunction from the judge to work it out for ourselves, "becausse that's what OUR parents would have wanted." Do judges even read the papers set before them that identify the parties in the case?

    Nobody has ever given me a specific account of what I am supposed to be "working out."


  3. Shit is right! Our selfish husbands cop out and we have to deal with the mess they leave behind. Good thing women are strong!
    And I doubt judges read anything. If they did, their decisions would make sense. A waste of your time.