Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Best "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" Ever!

Tonight was our Final Dress for "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever."

I haven't talked a lot about it, this time.  That's partly because I've been very busy, between extra hours at work and hours at the theater, and partly because I was afraid to jinx it.  In these days of Facebook and Twitter, I wasn't willing to put all my doubts and fears out there. 

You see, we never did have everyone at rehearsal.  Not until last night.  There has been a nasty flu bug going around, and you know how that can decimate a group of kids.  Not to mention deaths in families, separations, work schedules, babies, band concerts, car name it and members of my cast have been forced to deal with it.

Then, there was that whole thing about the extra shows.  I thought we had ten performances, but it turned out that there are going to be fourteen.  Three of the four extra shows are Saturday matinees...yes, you read that right.  On Saturdays, we will have two shows.  Other theaters take that for granted, but we rarely do it, and it was a bit of a left field shot.  One cast member requires an understudy because he has to work on Saturdays.  Another has a band concert on a performance night.

Oh...and then the dimmer went out on the light board, so we are using a loaner until our new board comes in and Tara gets a chance to set it up.  As there is very little in theater that scares me more than a light board, this is stressful.

My Stage Manager, having been utterly reliable through the rehearsal period, succumbed to The Bug, and is still a bit hoarse.

On the plus side is a really talented cast, all of which have worked very hard, and a crew whose dedication is superb.  I am in awe of the people backstage keeping everything under control.

Still, we had a full house for Final Dress tonight, and the kids came through!  The adults are awesome, and all extremely patient.  The show is going to be awesome.  We are all assistant storytellers, and we have a very good story to tell.

So, thanks again to our audience for their warm response to our story!

Go to for reservations.  You'll be glad you did.


  1. break a leg, ronni...and may the smell of jolly ranchers permeate the theater!

    i am happy for you and your talent cast and crew.


  2. typo: talented cast and crew

  3. Surf, I was checking my email at the theater, just after Curtain, and I saw your message. Thank you so much...I had a little weep and went on with whaterver one does when one is a director whose job is done. The show went very well, and the kids and their parents seem happy with me. The audience was awesome, and it was marvellous!

  4. i am so happy for you.

    you deserve all the accolades & acclaim.
    you are so talented and work so hard.

    bask in the applause!

    just know that whatever you hear in the audience is magnified a million times by the applause your
    internet supporters are sending you.


  5. jim supported those he taught but
    you, too, have been there for many people.

    you are a major creative talent.

    remember that...


  6. I'm just an assistant storyteller, but thanks for your kind words, Surf. I miss you.