Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Most Awesome Christmas Pageant Ever!

Make your reservations early, because we are SO going to sell out!

It's a good thing I have Cathleen Gruetzner for my Stage Manager.  She is most excellently organized, unlike my silly self.  All I really want to do is tell the story, and get the cast to tell the story the way I think it should be told.  Of course, in most of the places where the actors' telling of the story differs from mine, their invention adds to the story, and that's how I learn things I hadn't thought of.

Give me a break.  It's late and I'm tired.

The cast is awesome.  As the kids relax and slip into the routine of rehearsal, they are becoming more and more imaginative in their roles. 

Tomorrow, we move the adventure along.  Singing begins.  Thanks so much to Ms Laura Vohs, who is going to make the Angels into a Choir, because it says in the script that they have to actually...you know...sing.  The first time I directed this show, I thought that singing Christmas carols would sort of come naturally.  It didn't, and the Angel choir actually did sound like "a closetful of mice."

I had to kick a child out, that time.  He got tired of being a church kid and suddenly went wild on stage and joined the Herdmans, kicking over benches and whamming kids.  You'd be surprised how much morale improved after I did that!  We did two shows a day on Saturdays, which is something we are not doing this time.  Kids get tired and overstimulated, doing two show in a day.  Try it sometime.  Me?  Been there, done that, burned the shirt.

These kids are very talented, as are the adults.  It really is going to be the best "Best Christmas Pageant Ever," ever.  Even better with you there!

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