Monday, September 26, 2011


The audition for "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" was womderful!  So many talented kids of all ages came out last night.  We are continuing tonight, and I need more people to make sure we have a well-rounded cast.  Last night, we weere lacking adults and boys.  Now, some male roles I can cast as girls, and will do so, if that seems the best thing. However, I really need two or three more ladies, because gender-bending is one thing, but maturity is something difficult to change.  I know of several people who will be coming tonight, so I am eager for the day to pass so that I can get back up to the theater and get on with this process.

There are several of you that I have already cast in specific roles, and will definitely cast everyone who auditioned last night.  Don't know yet which roles, and some of you may be in the Angel Choir, depending how tonight's audition goes.  So many people would be perfect in more than one's just a question of deciding.

So, come on out tonight...the role you are looking for is waiting for you!

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