Monday, August 22, 2011

The Plot Thickens and Sickens in the Case of Susan Powell

I've been following these cases of Spousal Murder Theater (thanks, Loretta, for the phrase) for seven years, now, and I have never seen anything like this.

Things began to escalate last week, when police alerted the media to a search in Ely, NV, 200-something miles from West Valley, UT, where Susan Powell disappeared nearly two years ago.  After traipsing around in the desert and looking in mine shafts, the police pronounced the search a success, even though the media tweets indicated that nobody knew why.  Josh, of course, was disappointed, having (supposedly) thought that they would find his wife and a Nevada missing man holed up in a motel (after nearly two years...yeah, right!)

What the Nevada search did do was to escalate the animosity between Josh's family and Susan's.  Methinks the Powells are getting nervous about something.  They had managed to obtain a temporary restraining order against Chuck Cox, saying that he was interfering with them.  Chuck Cox had seen Josh in a store and asked permission to approach his grandsons and been denied.  The Powells are due back in court tomorrow to get a permanent restraining order.  They must have felt they needed more ammo, because the next thing that happened was that Steve Powell showed up at a "Remember Susan" rally and confronted Chuck Cox.  Steve proceeded to push all of Chuck's buttons...taunting him with the threat to publish Susan's adolescent journals and claiming they prove she was promiscuous.  Regardless of how they insist she ran off with a man, they don't seem to realize that, if she were promiscuous, it just gives Josh more motive to kill her.  (Please note that this blogger, for one, would not believe anything posted in a teenage girl's diary could say a whole lot about her character as a grown woman with children.)  Chuck kept his cool, and the situation didn't devolve into a brawl, which is obviously what Steve Powell wanted.  More fodder for the restraining order, doncha know.

So.  The next step was Steve Powell actually releasing the diaries.  He sent them to  ABC News, but they refused to publish them.  He is claiming that he will post them at the Susan Powell dot org site, but, so far, has not done so.Probably, he realizes that it's an empty threat.  For instance, even if (as is alleged by the Powells), Susan did record that she took ten ibuprofen, it does not indicate that she was suicidal.  The diaries, IMO, are going to prove nothing except the sleaziness of Steve and Josh Powell.

Then:  BOMBSHELL (sorry, Nancy Grace)!  Susan's friends came forth with the explanation for Susan's dislike of her father-in-law.  Friend after friend has told the same story...Susan was disgusted by and terrified of Steve Powell, because he was obsessed with her.  The claim is that he actually obtained one of her Temple Garments, that he keeps under lock and key in his home.  Further, the songs posted at are supposedly all about Susan.  I haven't listened, due to technical difficulties between my computer and Adobe Flash, but here are lyrics to one of the songs:

I said, "I love you." Is that a sin?
I just might wanna say it once again:
I love you, like it or don't.
I said, "I love you." You should have kissed me.
I felt like giving up when you just dissed me.
I love you, so I guess I won't.
You think I'm crazy, but I insist,
It's simple, I can't resist.
The lips that I never kissed, but wanted
To plant my lips everywhere on you,
And count every hair on you,
And sit here and stare at what you flaunted.
I said, "I love you." Is that a crime?
And what if I say it to you one more time?
I love you, so put me in jail.
I said, "I love you." I couldn't help it.
And you were mistaken if you thought I'd shelf it.
I love you, so cough up my bail.
You made my eyes pop out of their sockets.
You could empty all my pockets.
This flirtation isn't rocket science.
You came along and really knocked my socks off.
Now you're all I think and talk of.
So much for my former self-reliance.
I said, "I love you." Can you forgive
If I can't find another way to live?
I love you, and that is my sin.
I said, "I love you." I think you knew it,
But I got hasty and I think I blew it.
I love you. Can we try again?
It seems like all I do is take a beating,
But giving up is self-defeating.
I only hope there'll be a meeting of minds
I've waited patiently and cried a lot for
Something that I've always sought for
I hope it is the same as what your heart finds.
I said, "I love you." Can you forgive
If I can't find another way to live?
I love you, and that is my sin.
I said, "I love you." I think you knew it,
But I got hasty and I think I blew it.
I love you. I'll say it again and again
Even if it's a sin.
I love you: I've said it
Again and again and again.

Not exactly Bob Dylan, is he?

These revelations (if true) indicate a sickness that is beyond all measure and understanding.

This is where the case stands, today.  Waiting with bated breath to see what happens next.

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