Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lawns in Drought

This is what a lawn looks like when you don't water it at all.  Pretty awful, but it will recover (slowly) if we ever get any rain.  I just hope these people don't have to try and sell their house before that.

This lawn is owned by people who comply with watering restrictions.  We are currently allowed to water once a week with a sprinkler or in-ground system, and it has to be before 10:00 AM.  If we want to get out there with a hose, we can do it at any time. This lawn looks a little under the weather, but it will recover and look awesome as soon as it rains.
This lawn is owned by somebody who doesn't give a damn about watering restrictions.  Every morning, the grass is wet and there's a small river running two blocks down the street and disappearing into a storm drain.  I can understand the mindset--"I paid a fortune for this grass, and I'm damned if I'm going to let it deteriorate.  To hell with watering restrictions."

This family of two baby boomers owns one huge pickup truck, a mid-sized pickup truck, a large SUV and two mid-sized SUVs.  Go figure.

Of course, it's the corporate users of water who offend the most--acres of green surround office high-rises and shopping centers.

We are in a drought, people.  There are things more important than a green lawn! 

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