Monday, August 29, 2011

I Guess I'm a Worrier. Who Knew?

Mostly, I worry about people.  I don't use up a whole lot of time worrying about big issues.  I worry about the scab on Brendan's hand, and the one on Ethan's knee.   I worry about Chandra's cough, and the fact that she is so thin.  I worry about Vanessa's fibro, and Brendan's return to college.  I worry about Aidan and the fact that he spends every waking moment playing videogames or watching videos of other people playing videogames.  I worry about the child I gave up for adoption when I was nineteen, and the man he has become.

I worry about my Spare Kids, even if it has been years since I've seen them.  I worry about my friends.  Friends I see every day, and friends I've never seen.  I don't worry about all of these people all the time, you understand.  Just individually, as they pop into my head...

I even worry about my exes.  I was so pleased when my first husband got in touch with me.  I mean, there really wasn't a whole lot wrong with him that age couldn't cure, and I was happy to find out that it had.  Now, Dearly Beloved, I am even worried about SSS.  He and Charyl had been together for most of the past 25 years--a lot longer than he and I were.  I think about how devastated I was when Jim died, and hope SSS is equipped to cope with the loss of Charyl.  Though why I should care, I really don't know.

I thought I would feel a lot of things about Charyl's death, but sadness is all that remains.  Am I losing my edge?  Getting soft, mushy and apathetic in my old age?

I worry about that, too.


  1. well, you can cross that brown lawn off the worry list.

    people now just spray paint their lawn green in order to help sell the house.

  2. Thanks for checking in, Surf. Now I don't have to worry about you, either...