Thursday, July 14, 2011

What the Hell is this Garbage??  This is a link to a video clip from The Today Show, in which Josh Powell's father attempts to trash Susan Powell's reputation.  He shows her teenage diaries, which he claims prove she was "sexually aggressive," among other things.  He reiterates his former claim that she ran off with another man.  He also claims she was abused by her parents in her youth.  He is threatening to publish her journals on a website.  It's unclear whether he will use Josh's ugly purple site, or if he's talking about a new one. 

Remember, Susan Powell is the woman who disappeared from her Utah home, December 7th, 2009.  Her husband, Josh, left at midnight with both their little boys to go camping in the snow.  It was a Sunday night, and, when neither he nor Susan showed up for work or at the day care Monday morning, the day care sent somebody to their house and called police for a welfare check.  No one was there.  When they finally managed to contact Josh by phone, he claimed he forgot it was Monday.


So, while insisting that she left by herself, on foot, in the middle of a frigid Utah winter night, Josh moved--not only out of town, but out of state--back to his father's home in Washington State.  In a gated community in Puyallup, he lives with his dad and siblings.  Just like old times, except for the two little boys.  Oh, more thing:  Susan's parents haven't seen their grandsons since forever.

So this is the stand-up guy who refuses to talk with police, and hasn't spoken to them since shortly after Susan's disappearance.  Nor has he searched for his missing wife.  Now he is allowing his father to trash her reputation.

Poor Susan.  The man who is supposed to love and protect her seems likely responsible for her disappearance, and not content with that, is now doing his best to blame the victim.  It is my considered opinion that, if he's not going to help find her, he needs to shut up.

Thanks for the link, Mary!

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