Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vanessa Needs Some Help

Anyone local want to do a Good Deed this weekend?
Vanessa needs some help moving.  She has one volunteer with a pickup truck, but any nice people capable of helping with this project would be much appreciated.

As most of you know, her husband walked out on her at Thanksgiving, leaving her pregnant with a four-year-old.  She had Eli on April 27th.  The house has been foreclosed and sold, and she has found an apartment in Georgetown.  She picks up the key on Friday.

Of course, I have to work Saturday.  I wish I could take off and help, but I can't.  After six, I'll be there, but Ramona owns me until then.

There's a recliner-sofa, and two recliners.  There's a big flat-screen TV, washer and dryer and various other appliances, furniture and about a million boxes.

She can't afford to rent a truck.

I'll be getting only about half a paycheck, but I'll do what I can to supply bevvies for volunteers...


  1. damn, i wish i were there to help.

    i hope some kind-hearted locals come to help vanessa and the boys.

    i assume mike will not help. shameful.
    i don't care what has gone on between V and mike. he owes the boys that much to move them all to a new home.

    can some donate a new video game to mike to get him to help a woman and 2 babes in need?

    thank you!


  2. typo:[b]someone[/b] donate a video game.

    i just do not understand men who do not support their children in small ways and large---financial and emotional.

    be a Man, mike. really. help your kids.


  3. obviously the bold does not work but you know what i mean.

    i feel bad not only for vannessa but most especially for ethan and eli.

    if a guy can't get off his ass to move some furniture for his family after he ran off w/ another woman, that is pretty sad.


  4. He's busy. With his girlfriend.


  5. i know mike'sbusy w/ his GF but both of them can get off their asses and do something for 2 small
    innocent children.

    it makes me sick.

    if mike won't load the sofa, etc., he should forgo
    a few fastfood meals, and video games and give the money to V to buy new furniture.

    what a dick.

    and his GF isn't any better. her parents, mike's parents, mike and his GF can buy some new ikea furniture or whatever.

    put the adults aside and think of 2 small boys.

    what selfish people.