Sunday, July 03, 2011

Independence Day Approaches

So...what are y'all doing to celebrate the 235th birthday of this country?

Imagine that!  235 years, for something that people thought wouldn't last a decade!  It nearly did collapse several times, and appears to be floundering right now, but the flag still flies and the people still take comfort in the ideals of a great democracy, even if the reality falls short.

But's approaching the 4th of July, and one's birthday is never the best time to discuss one's current health, especially as one's age advances and one's knees creak a little!

I had made some plans, but they fell through, or at least, got put on hold for a day.  So, everyone else has made plans without me, knowing I was Up To Something.  This phenomenon leaves me at something of a loose end.  I expect I shall go for a little drive and take my camera, in case anything pretty comes up that I'd like to take home with me.

There's a burn ban in effect, so most communities have cancelled their fireworks.  Of course, those that are going ahead with the pyrotechnics will get large audiences with a lot of cars.  They will be a "come early and expect to stay late" events that I would rather avoid.  Even under normal circumstances, one can expect to spend up to an hour getting home after that last cathartic explosion, so I can imagine what it will be like this year!  Austin and Round Rock have cancelled theirs, so Georgetown is the nearest place to go.  I used to go to Georgetown's fireworks before they started having them in Round Rock, and it was crazy!  Best to take a CD (or cassette, in those days) of Sousa marches and provide your own music, as getting a spot close enough to actually hear the band was always problematic.

So leave me a note telling me about your Independence Day celebrations, as I apparently have none of my own...

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