Monday, July 04, 2011

The Drive to Marble Falls

1431 is a wonderful road.  It runs from IH35 to 29, and peters out a bit north of there.  The best part is between 183 and 281, but the very best part is from Lago Vista to Marble Falls.  The road is like a roller coaster from Jonestown to Marble Falls.  Just past Lago Vista, it reverts to the two lanes it used to be all the way.  It is a truly awesome drive.

So, today, I pulled up at the stoplight at Lohman's Crossing in Lago Vista, and the three princesses in the Mercedes with the top down pulled into the left turn lane to go to the lake, and the cute guy in the silver Chevy Cavalier took their place beside me in the left lane.  It's a bit of a crapshoot, taking that drive.  You never know when you're going to get behind a trash truck, or somebody towing a boat, or some chickenshit in a pedal car.  That latter was what I was afraid of, until he shot past me in order to be well in front by the time the lane disappeared.  I thought, "well, alrighty then...let's go!"  It wasn't long before we fetched up behind an old van.  The van driver was obviously familiar with the road, and doing the best he could, but it was with great relief that I saw him turn off down Shaw Drive.  I blinked, and the Chevy had disappeared over the hill!  "O REALLY," sez I.  "We'll see about that," sez I.  I put the pedal to the metal and caught up.  Well, not exactly caught up close, but caught up to the point where I could keep him in sight along that winding road.  He was a skilled driver, always in control of his car and not flattening out of his lane around the curves.  I had to stop glancing at the speedometer after I noticed I was going 80 mph and not gaining on him at all!

Suddenly, around a curve and coming up a hill, I saw that he had slowed down...without putting on his brakes.   There was a new white truck stopped on the other side of the road, with a person standing beside it.  I slowed down, too, and was going about 60 when I passed both the truck and the state trooper who had him pulled over.  The driver of the Chevy must have thought, as I did, that there wouldn't be another trooper for a while, as there is usually only one along that stretch of road.  He was back up to 80 in no time.  Around Smithwick, there was a small SUV in front, just in time to save Mr Chevy and myself from the County Mountie coming the other way.

Chevy and I both pulled up and the light at 281; he, turning left toward Johnson City and I, continuing on toward Granite Shoals and Kingsland. 

I gave him a salute and he gave me a wave and a grin.

That was the most excellent drive I've ever had down that road!  Thanks, Mr Cavalier, for being a great front door!

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