Friday, June 24, 2011

Michael Meigs Liked "The Tempest Projectt!"

From the link:
Those elements of creativity joined with the wardrobe imagination and confection skills of Veronica Prior, a long-time member of the theatre and in so-called real life a professional costumer. Prior has always provided fine fabric and fine fantasy when working at the Sam Bass and elsewhere. For this show she connived with designer Scholtes to create some astonishing scenes and costume pieces.

For example, the curiously entomological outfit worn by Emily Kennedy as "Calibra," bronzed, goggle-eyed and reflecting the sand and hot light of the enchanted isle.
Well, actually...that was what was supposed to have happened.  Unfortunately, real life intervened, and, after seeing Kevin's most excellent sketches, I put the costumes together on my own.  Except for the aforementioned bronzed and goggle-eyed head piece, which Chandra designed and made.  They were supposed to say that in the program, but that didn't work out.

Kevin wanted sketches, but I have never worked in such a professional manner, and I wandered off, terrified, muttering, "I don't do sketches, I do clothes..."  Because, Dearly Beloved, I can't draw.  Kevin told me not to worry about it, so I calmed down some, and got to work with sewing machine, scissors and yummy fabrics.

Michael liked Frank's "flair," a sentiment with which I heartly concur: 
The Tempest Project was deftly executed and definitely entertaining, a demonstration of audacity and imagination. Community theatre in Round Rock provides a season of comfortable box-set comedies and dramas -- and once in a while, to dazzle 'em, a magic cabinet like this one.
Sam Bass rocks, with the likes of Frank and Kevin, and the wonderful cast and crew.

Photo by Kevin Scholtes

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