Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Lovely Party!

There are a lot of pictures, but I like this one from the party my friends managed to surprise me with on Thursday.

Debbie and I, you see, had plans to go to Dulces at Lakeline Mall and hear Joseph David, who sings there with his friend, Bill Parcher.  Joe and I have been friends for a long time...through shows at Sam Bass, of course.  Debbie had a cake...she said it was to celebrate my birthday.  I suggested we celebrate the Solstice, instead.

As we walked into the restaurant, and out onto the patio, I saw Chandra sitting there...and then I saw quite a few friends...turns out it was a surprise party!  It was awesome!

I hope somebody got some video of Joe and Bill singing "Happy Birthday" to me in Italian!

Thanks so very much to my incomparable friends!


  1. You look really great in that photo Ronni. As does Joe but that's another story!

  2. Looks like a blast Ronni. Great friends are indeed priceless!

  3. So happy you were happy that night! We had so much fun too! ...Tracie