Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to "Company."

Well, Dearly Beloved, it's over.  Thanks to a spectacular cast and crew, "A Company of Wayward Saints" rocked.

Seated in front, we have Ashley Sandel, who designed and ran the wonderful lights, Valerie Liebersbach, who wound up being listed as Stage Manager, but who started out to be my AD. Next is Lee Reid, the most awesome sound person ever.  Between them is Buddy, Chief in Charge of Bug Removal.  Next is Leila Wood, who began this show as Stage Manager, but became so much more.  I would not even have attempted this play without having her enthusiasm and expertise along for the ride.  She designed and built the beautiful masks, and her knowledge of Commedia gave me the confidence to proceed.  Then there is Ben Weaver.  Ben, who I thought I knew fairly well, but who proved to have hidden talent...namely the ability to play a violin, not to mention juggle.  Next to him is Ashley Zeh, who rocked Ruffiana.  At the right end of the row is Nathaniel Reid as Pantelone.  He, too, displayed hidden depths.  His knowledge of Commedia was immensely helpful.

Back row, on the left is Frank Benge, who received a compliment from a patron on, of all thing, his diction and enunciation.  His Dottore was superb.  Next to him is Justin Chernivec, who graciously stepped in as Tristano when I lost the actor I originally cast.  Lynn Beaver was a gutsy and awesome Columbine.  Scott Saunders brought a humanity to Harlequin that was endearing.  Gene Storie, as El Capitan showed a range that boggled the mind.  Dyan Green stepped up as Isabella when I lost the person I had originally cast.

Not in the picture are Olin Meadows, who designed my set and Janice Landree, who built it.

I cannot thank all of them enough.  I loved this show, and last night I felt so sad that it was over.  The end of a run is always bittersweet, and I do have a lovely challenge coming up right away, ("The Tempest Project," which combines two of my favourite things...Shakespeare and Steampunk), but "Company" has been on my list of shows I really want to do for quite a while.

So, thank you to Sam Bass Theatre for allowing me to do it, and thank you to the most awesome cast and crew for making it possible.  and a huge "Thank you" to everyone who came out to see it.

(Photo by Kevin Scholtes)

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