Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am a Buddha on a Lily Pad

Yes, yes I am.  In with the good air and out with the bad.

Vanessa is in the hospital.  Her contractions are painful and steady, and she is being kept for observation.  If things start to move along, we may get to meet Eli a little sooner than we expected.

So tell me.  Do they save the fumble-fingered student nurses for Medicaid patients, or are they equal opportunity torturers?  Poor Vanessa!  Poor student nurse!  Of course, she had a supervisor standing right over her, which made the situation worse.  I had to leave the room, or something regrettable would have come out of my mouth.  Ethan and I went for a little walk...the result if which is $9.00 worth of quarters weighting down my purse.

Chandra is taking off work tomorrow to wrangle Ethan.

Vanessa is, as you can imagine, horribly frustrated.

But I, Dearly Beloved, am a Buddha on a Lily Pad.


  1. good luck to vanessa and eli.
    ethan will be a great big brother.