Monday, March 28, 2011

The Show is Up and Running!

Here, we have Ben Weaver as Scapino and Scott Saunders as Harlequin.  I will be posting more pictures as I get them.

It has been an adventure, for sure!  As usual, we could have used another week of rehearsal time, but now the show has hit its stride.

Leila Wood made the awesome masks, each one hand built from paper clay and other materials, and many hours of Leila's highly skilled work.

Olin Meadows has designed, and Janice Landree built, a wonderful set.  Poor Janice...every time we both thought she was done, that pesky director would think of something else...Lighting by Ashley Sandel, and sound designed by Leila and run by Lee Reid.  Technically, Leila is my AD and Val Leibersbach is running the show, but they have both shared both jobs.

I dyed about 25 yards of cotton duck, in batches of about 5 yards each.  In spite of some of the fabric being white and some, unbleached, and various Misadventures With Rit, it all wound up more or less the same.  I don't know how.

This show is a challenge for actors.  Here, you have actors playing actors, who are playing characters--who are playing characters.  Sounds confusing?  Come and see them do it!

They are the best Assistant Story-Tellers EVER!

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