Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Latest in the Saga of Team Vanessa

The good news is that they have rescheduled Vanessa's c-section from April 15th to the 29th.  That puts her right at 39 weeks.  That whole "37 weeks" thing was scaring me.  I had two kids at home with midwives, and much prefer the natural approach, but my last child required an emergency section, so I was glad to have been at the hospital...handy, so to speak.

The bad news is that she was notified yesterday that her house will be sold out from under her on May 6th.  That's right when she will be getting home from the hospital after Eli's birth.

Of course, if Michael Blevins would pay his half of the mortgage, she wouldn't be in this mess in the first place...and if he'd pay his child support on the dates he is supposed to, she would already be in Low Income Housing.  Have you any idea how long the waiting lists are for the Housing?  She got to the top pretty fast, considering, but was rejected at the last minute because she couldn't guarantee that she would have the rent.  She couldn't guarantee that because Mr Blevins doesn't pay CS on a regular basis.

So, to recap:  Michael Blevins walked out on her in the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  Packed up his PlayStation and, at 42, went home to his mama because he "wasn't happy."  We are pretty sure he waited until he moved in with Mama before he started dating Celeste, but he is now wearing someone else's wedding ring on his ring finger, and the song Vanessa considered to be theirs is now the ring tone he has for Celeste.

What I can't figure out is why he went along with Vanessa's dream of suburban home ownership in the first place.  The man is 42, and this was not his first marriage.  Why get into a mortgage and kids and a dog, if that's not going to make him "happy?"  And what the hell is "happy," anyway?  Sitting online all day and night playing World of Warcraft?

This old lady doesn't get it.

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  1. Must be something about that name,I made the mistake of marrying one also...accidently stumbled across this looking for info on mine,he left me with four kids and no money to be with his high school girlfriend from twenty years I'm worried because its my sons name too