Monday, February 14, 2011

The Week's Recap

What have I been doing?  Working my butt off, that's what!

I had auditions for "A Company of Wayward Saints" on Monday and Tuesday, and the cast (most of it, anyway) had a read-through on Wednesday.  I have a lovely cast, and the show is going to be all sorts of fun.  I was blown away by the talent of the people who came to audition.  Choosing the cast was horribly difficult!  Here is the list:

Harlequin--Scott Saunders
Scapino--Ben Weaver
Pantalone--Nathaniel Reid
Dottore--Frank Benge
Capitano--Gene Storie
Tristano--Olin Meadows
Isabella--Megan Henderson
Columbine--Lynn Beaver
Ruffiana--Ashley Zeh

This is going to be all kinds of fun!  Of course, a suggestion from my awesome Stage Manager, Leila Wood, changed my whole idea for the set (because what she suggested was exactly right), so blocking the first part of Act I tonight is going to be kind of on the fly. 

We had extra hours at work, too..."Evita" was picked up on Saturday.  They are going to have to press out all the alterations, as we just didn't have time to do that.  It's going to be a beautiful show!

"Steel Magnolias" proceeds apace.  Because we had to cancel two performances due to inclement weather, we had quite a marathon yesterday.  As well as our usual Sunday matinee, we had an evening performance...with show shots in between.  Oh..and on Saturday, I lost track of where I end and the rest of the world begins, and slapped the top of my foot really hard on the floor of the dressing room.  Remember that toe I bruised last year?  Well, it now looks even more awful than it did then.  I am pleased to report that it doesn't hurt as badly.  The only problem is that Ouiser can't wear her loafers.  It's OK, own shoes are even uglier than hers.  I have been seriously considering having Ouiser wear monkey slippers!  We are doing another extra show on Wednesday, and I think there may be a few seats still available for that performance.  Go to for more info.

We had a breaker emergency, and Chandra had to reroute a bunch of extension cords...because it takes two of us, in daylight, to solve the problem.  That confluence of events has been notable by its absence.  Besides, it has been cold and the breaker box is outside.  We are now having what appears to be a water heater emergency, with spreading damp beneath the closet where it sits.  My project for today is to get to the bottom of this, which involves delving in filth.  You can tell I am so enthusiastic about that, can't you?

I suppose I should put away the Christmas ornaments, too.

Perhaps another pot of coffee...

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