Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old Dogs and New Tricks

We have a new trash pickup system in place this year.

For as long as I can remember, east of Mays Street, garbage days were Tuesday and Friday.  West of Mays Street, it was Monday and Thursday.  Simple. 

Now, comes consolidation, and recycling.  The refuse company came around in December, delivering large bins--one brown (for garbage) and one green (for recycling) to each household.  We received a flyer, stating that Round Rock Refuse would be picking up garbage once a week, and recycling every other week.  We were instructed to drag our cans to the street, and place them facing outward.  In my neighbourhood, pickup is now on Monday only.

I managed to figure it out.  I read the little chart, noted what goes in the recycling, which day the truck comes and how to place the can.  Why didn't everyone else?  I am seeing green cans loaded with trash, put out alongside the brown can on Monday and Thursday.

Do we no longer read?  Do we forget?  Do we just think the nice City has just given us shiny new trash cans?

Let's recap.  The brown can is for garbage.  The green can is for recycling.  If you put out your recycling on a garbage-only day, it's not going to go anywhere.  This Monday's pickup was garbage only, therefore, the next will be for both cans.  These huge cans are hard to lift, so placing them so that the handles face the street saves time.  Many of us seem incapable of following instructions.

This is not a difficult process.

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