Monday, February 07, 2011

...And the Saga Continues

 Here is a picture from Ethan's birthday...three weeks ago.  Vanessa took him in and got him a professional haircut last looked more or less like this, but shorter.

This is what he looked like when he came home from his weekend with his daddy.  This was done with no consultation.  

I have figured out why Mike is now stalling on filing for divorce.  Until it is final, and a court order is in place defining the rules for each parent, Mike can do whatever he damn well pleases, and Vanessa can do nothing about it.

It's OK,'s only hair.  It will grow.


  1. it is not so much the hair, but the dark circles under his eyes and sad expression.

  2. That is the most difficult picture to see. His little eyes look like he has not slept or has been upset. Prayers and hugs to V and all y'all.

  3. He has a cold. Mike told V he was coughing all weekend, but apparently didn't see fit to get him some children's cough medicine...V brought Ethan to the theater this evening, and he was coughing badly. Hopefully, he will look better tomorrow, after some rest and medicine.

  4. there was another case like this recently. jude law and siena milller returned a small son back to the mom with his lovely long hair shorn.

    what's up with that? come to an agreement between the parents. don't make it some twisted power game.

    it is winter. it is snowing in texas for God's sake. now is not the time for a summer buzz cut. obviously is was meant to hurt the little boy's mom. we know who ordered the the hair cut.


  5. mike is stalling on the divorce because he us waiting to see whether celeste dumps him or not.

    he may need to come crawling back to V when his mama
    makes him clean up his room and cuts off his internet privileges.

  6. His mom, apparently, has no sense that what he's doing is wrong. She knows Celeste is married, but still allows her in the house, and seems to have no problem with her married son dating a married woman when both are married to others.

    If he were MY son, his ass would be grass!