Friday, January 14, 2011

Most Recently in the Chris Coleman Case 

 This is Chris Coleman before his arrest in 2009.  Note his jaunty body language (in spite of his serious expression) and his club shirt.

 Less than two years after his arrest, here he is on his way to court a couple of weeks ago.

St Louis Today has an article which states that there is a Bill before the Governor abolishing the death penalty.  It seems that there have been quite a few folks erroneously convicted and sentenced to death.

This puts the Coleman trial, scheduled to begin next month, back to square one.  He has access to a fund set up to pay attorneys' fees and such for death penalty cases.  With the DP off the table, he would no longer have access to those funds, at which point, he could be stuck with any old Public Defender.  His father was reported to have been paying an expensive lawyer who was working alongside the publicly-funded DP-qualified counsel.

I think that a sentence of Life Without Parole is just the ticket here.  If he looks that bad after 18 months in jail, think what prison will do to him!

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