Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Efffing Christmas!

I went to the Goodwill after work, thinking I'd get something new and cheerful to wear to the theater tonight.  I found a lovely chenille sweater...a Chaus, in a gorgeous shade of red.  I found a silk scarf with red hand-painted flowers on it, and I found a killer jacket in silk that looked homespun.  It had all sorts of lovely colours in it.

I took all three things up to the front.  I had to wait a bit, as the three cashiers were discussing something with a couple of community service volunteers.  Somebody finally noticed me (I was being nice, rather than snarky and impatient, as is my wont), and started to ring up my choices.  She complimented me on the lovely sweater...a deal at $4.99.  The she got to the scarf.  I had looked at all their scarves, and all of them were marked $1.99, so I naturally assumed that all scarves were $1.99.  Not the one I chose.  It, I was informed, was $3.99.  I set it aside, unwilling to pay twice what I had intended for it.  Then she looked at the jacket.  She said, "This is a woman's blazer.  It will be $8.99."  There was no tag on it, and I had got it off a rack with a sign that said "Light Jackets $5.99." 

The cashier didn't believe me. 

So I left.  Without sweater, scarf, or that lovely jacket.

Look out for the Round Rock Goodwill.  They will try to rob you.


  1. Isn't it amazing about how a casual interaction like the one you describe can make or break your day? At times I have had an unexpected kind word or action touch me when I was down and make such a difference. In your case, the opposite occurred. Pooh on them! They had a chance to make a difference and blew it in the opposite direction.

  2. And by the way, I absolutely LOVE "Whiney-baby-peepee-pants"!!!! That is hilarious!

  3. Hi, katiekono...pleased to meet you!

    I'm sad about the clothes. I have had a sad day today, and could have used the cheer that shopping for clothes brings. Oh, well...I'm off to see a very funny play, anyway, wo will probably feel better later.

    There's a story behind the "wbppp" moniker that I shall dig up later on. It happened in comments, and it was a couple of years ago. Can you believe it was a grown woman who called me that?

  4. So sorry you had a bad day! I love finding a good deal on something i really like and really what harm would it have done for the cashier to give it to you for the price you knew it to be?

  5. Because Goodwill Industries is of the devil.

  6. Perhaps if the three of them spent more time tagging all of the clothing with the selling price instead of standing around talking?... So sorry you had this experience when you least need it. Is it worth it to report them to the Goodwill person in charge?

  7. They started this policy a few years ago, to save money, time and paper, of not tagging individual garments unless they were special in some way. Designer jeans, for instance, will be tagged at $9.99 or $12.99, when all the other jeans on the rack will be $4.99, and the sign at the end of the rack says "Jeans $4.99" The jacket was probably hung in the wrong place. Still very disappointing, though.