Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm Griping

I get confused between computers.  My desktop has a different and older operating system.  I run Firefox on it, but it also has Chrome and IE.  This one just has IE.  I have not wanted to load it up with a lot of large programs, because my other laptop lasted only two years, and I think that might be due to the fact that I installed a lot of extraneous software on it, such as Picasa and Google Earth.

I honestly don't know if the issues I am having are due to the computer or to Blogger, but I used to be able to stay logged in to Blogger even if I closed the tab.  Now, I have to log in over again every time.  Sometimes I pop on just to post an answering comment to one someone else has added to a particular entry.  When I try to do so, I have to click on "Post" up to four times before it will actually post.

Recently, on my desktop, if I click on a link in an email, even to my blog, I get a thing at the top, requiring me to click to allow the page to load.  It says something to the effect of, "Firefox has prevented your being redirected to another site.  Click to allow."  Why couldn't it figure out that, if I didn't want to go there, I wouldn't have clicked on the link?"

I'm sitting up in bed, getting a backache, doing this, because Aidan is enjoying a TV program that is showing water buffalo being killed by crocodiles.  I have no desire to watch nature's creatures killing each other, especially with Aidan cheering them on.  It makes me feel queasy. 

I should be learning lines, but I need a new frosted glass shade for my lovely lamp.  The cats knocked it over and broke it.  The little lamp Chandra is letting me use is not nearly as bright, and it's hard to read paper pages.

I need a life.


  1. You may have a virus. I recently had a nasty one that did almost the same thing.

  2. MacAfee says it's OK. Chandra ran a scan yesterday...maybe I should use a different anti-virus program...

  3. Maybe you need dsl? Windows 7? a life? your house bach? I have a nasty ear infarction and can't wear my heerumaide for my only operational ear. It make me frustrated and almost as cranky as windows vista made me. xxoomoire

  4. I have Windows 7 on the laptop, and wahtever came before Vista on the PC. WiFi is supposed to be better than DSL...but I am beginning to wonder...